A Norwegian mother’s story – how Nina cannot live together with her kids in Norway

Elliot Mamma Milla Agnes paa tur

I am Norwegian and my husband is Australian. We have three daughters; one born in Australia in 2007 and twins born in Norway 2008.

Upon the birth of our first daughter in 2007 we explored the possibilities for positing dual Norwegian and Australian citizenships for our child, and it was confirmed by Norwegian authorities that this was ok in light of a Norwegian mother and an Australian father. It never crossed our minds one year later when our twins were born that rules could be different simply because they were born in Norway! If anything, a child born in Norway should most absolutely be a Norwegian citizen?! Wouldn’t it be our daughter born in Australia who possibly could not be Norwegian? The irony is that today, our daughter born in Australia is the Norwegian one, and our twins born in Norway are not allowed to be Norwegian!

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Are my Norwegian kids illegal aliens? – Can UDI force us to leave Norway?

geircropI am a Norwegian, born in Norway, and have two gorgeous daughters with my Australian wife. Our daughters were born in Norway in 2005 and 2007 respectively.  My wife has lived here since 1998, has permanent residency in Norway, and we have lived here in Norway most of the time since then. She is truly integrated in Norwegian society.

When the children were born they obtained their birth certificate, and also Norwegian passports – just like any other Norwegian children. Last Friday our world almost fell apart – I was reading a thread on Facebook and realized that there is a big chance that our children have lost their Norwegian citizenship! They were born in Norway, and I simply can´t understand the logic that UDI takes strips them of their Norwegian citizenship – I am a Norwegian, they are born here in Norway, have lived most of their life in Norway. They simply are Norwegian!

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Kari’s family: Exiled from Norway

My daughter was born in Norway in 2010, and her father and my husband is Australian. It is only now, three years later, I have come to understand that we might have jeopardised her and our future by acquiring what was rightfully hers: an Australian citizenship. I realise we might not have gone into the depth of UDI’s information available online, but we were of the understanding that a child born to two different nationalities would be allowed to keep both.

Moving back to Norway was in the cards for us. We were heading back in the middle of 2015. Now, it seems, me might not be able to go back at all – or we will have to divide our family to make it happen, because my daughter’s citizenship was taken from her without notice.

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