We advocate Norway in general terms taking on a more open view to dual citizenship, in line with its place in an increasingly globalised world. We realise that this takes time with due process and proper debate.

Our specific concern is with regards to the stripping of Norwegian citizenship from children due to acquisition of a dual nationality, legally acquired from another country through descent/birthright on the basis that they were born in Norway. Besides the obvious severe impact on families and their basic human rights, it is also not being consistently applied by the Norwegian Authorities (UDI), for some countries this is allowed today, for others not.

Our simple proposal is that UDI start by providing children born in Norway to Norwegians the same rights as to Norwegian children born abroad. That with haste, they adjust their policies to allow all children born  in Norway or legally adopted, where one parent is Norwegian and are thus Norwegian citizens, but legally acquire, by descent from the other parent, citizenship of another country, to retain both citizenships. 

Until such changes are formally put in force, UDI should put in place a moratorium on revoking any citizenships for children who have obtained a second citizenship prior to the moratorium being established.


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