Get Involved/Contact

We have had many emails from people who have recently discovered this situation and are now wanting advice about their situation and what to do.

The main things people affected need to do right now are:

  1. Spread the word so that people know about the problem.
  2. Join the Norwegian children’s right to Norwegian citizenship facebook page and the campaign to change the laws.
  3. Until the laws change, give birth in Australia rather than Norway when possible.
  4. Until the laws change, do NOT fill out the Citizenship by Descent form for a child, if you haven’t already. Unless you are willing to lose the Norwegian citizenship.
  5. Keep an eye out for the laws changing.
  6. Keep an eye out on the “Dobbelt statsborgerskap for barna våre” facebook group for other advice about what to do.
  7. Reach out to politicians or media contacts about how these laws need to change.
  8. Do not try to reapply for Norwegian citizenship as this would only alert the authorities to your situation and they will not be sympathetic.
  9. Do not contact UDI except via a 3rd party or lawyer on any of these issues.
  10. Apply for a Permanent Residency for the child if you need to move to Australia, unless sure you are willing to sacrifice the Norwegian citizenship.

If you would like to share your story or want to get in contact, please contact us through the Norwegian children’s right to Norwegian citizenship facebook page.


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